Host Your Weekend Pool Party with Confidence

4Have you ever felt the need to host a pool party but were not able to push through because you are not confident enough? You may have thought that you might have just fallen short of your guests’ expectations, and you did not want to be in that situation. If you think that your swimming pool in your backyard needs a little to complete pool remodeling, you are absolutely right! Get a little advice from the experts and see how you can get that fresh new look for your pool. 

What is wrong with your pool?

There are many reasons why you need pool resurfacing, replastering, or repair. For most swimming pool owners, they have neglected their pool. Yes, they did a little cleaning once in a while. They even change their pool water regularly. But after all, they just think that there is something missing. Something that cleaning cannot simply undo. 

One of the common issues in an old swimming pool is its outdated design and there are many elements that make it outdated. Your pool tiles may not be as modern as how they look ten years ago. Obviously, the trend has changed and will continually change over the years. Another thing to consider is pool light repair Orlando. Of course, you do not want your swimming pool to look like some cheap resort swimming pool with poor lightings. Most importantly, your pool deck can get your pool either a good impression or the other way around. The pool deck is not only functional for safety and sanitation reasons. It can transform your swimming pool, too! Get a new design to make it look fresh and clean. 

What is the new trend?

There are many trends nowadays that fit the modern contemporary lifestyle. For some, a minimalist pool design increases attractiveness and expresses the lifestyle of the owner. A pool that integrates with nature also is gaining popularity lately. Have you ever had dreamy tropical paradise years back? Don’t you want that in your backyard? Some owners would even use tropical inspirations for their pool, utilizing both pool design and landscaping arts to get that relaxing nature vibe. 

Here are some of the pool trends you should look into if you are considering pool renovation:

  1. Spa-inspiration – if you are into spas, you can also get that vibe with your swimming pool by putting in a small Jacuzzi. The idea is to make it look cozy and warm by adding extra elements such as warm lights and partitions. 
  2. Tropical paradise – one of the favorite elements when designing a tropical paradise is coconut trees and green grass. It is not impossible to get a tropical vibe in your swimming pool area by having a pool refinishing Orlando, replastering, or remodeling the greeneries and probably getting that pool deck a little modification.
  3. Natural rocks – if you are into the outdoors, you must consider natural rocks in your pool. Rock formations can increase the beauty of your pool and make it look more natural. 
  4. Hotel and bar swimming pool – what is amazing with hotel pools is that they have bars right in the pool. Stools submerged in the water and a little bar counter for you to serve your guests and your family some lemonade or cocktails will surely imitate a hotel experience!