How to Choose a Swimming Pool Floor

If you like mosaic aesthetics with an unusual variety of shapes and colors, you can apply an infinity style to your pool. By using Bali Black Lava Stone Tiles in various forms, you can express what you want in a more pleasing visual pool.

But keep in mind, consideration of specifications, ceramic materials, and safety must remain a priority consideration that you must pay attention to. For example, ceramics made from high-quality clay material with oxides, various colors, and intricate patterns, anti-skid, and good texture in the following design drawings from Bali Black Lava Stone Tiles, can be an attractive choice to apply to pool designs your swimming.

Swimming pool design with infinity style is now becoming very viral on social media wrapped with a minimalist modern concept, resulting in a unique and attractive swimming pool design. This trend has been adopted for the use of private pools at home. Infinity design that prioritizes pool design without borders, making it look able to blend with the surrounding environment. The following are a few examples of the use of a minimalist modern minimalist infinity style for home swimming pools. Maybe one of them can inspire you in making a private pool at home.

For details on the structure, use of materials and materials, the shape and mechanism of the water circulation system, and maintenance, you should first consult with a professional swimming pool service company closest to where you live.

So that the swimming pool like your dream come true, make sure not to choose the wrong ceramic tile and also the swimming pool.

How to choose tiles for swimming pool tiles and walls not only depends on the color, design, and esthetics. There are many aspects that you need to know so that swimming pools have functions and values ​​that are in line with expectations. The following are some tips that you need to know in choosing ceramics for your swimming pool:

  • Set a budget that suits your budget both for the price of ceramic materials, quality, and maintenance. Consider capabilities that are consistent with the design and technical specifications of the pond. The more complex the pool design, the more ceramics you need will also be more expensive.
  • Prioritize security in the list of essential elements. For water areas outside the pool, make sure you choose anti-slippery tiles, because the pool will get wet most of the time. So, look for ceramic tiles that have surfaces that can prevent slipping.
  • Choose ceramic tiles with a lifetime guarantee; this will make it easier for you to clean it.
  • Choose a ceramic design that prioritizes the aesthetic material of your pool to make it look more visually attractive without having to reduce its technical and safety value.
  • Choose the appropriate color, ceramics in blue or white will produce a more pleasing visual effect compared to other colors.
  • Before you install ceramics in a pond, make sure you understand the maintenance technically or non-technically. 
  • Installation = select ceramics with the most convenient installation system at the time of initial setup and maintenance. So that will make it easier for you to manage your swimming pool as a whole.

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