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How to Kill Ticks: 5 Most Effective Tick Killers

Ticks are small but surprisingly dangerous. Despite the fact they are slow movers and unable to jump, they’ve mastered lying in wait. As you or your pets move through long grass they simply cross onto your skin. The tick will then find a nice spot to bite and start sucking blood.

It swells as it sucks until it is full. At this stage, it falls off and reproduces. However, ticks are capable of carrying diseases. As they absorb blood from your body they will transmit any viruses they are carrying into your blood, potentially giving you a disease.

 The same is also true if they get onto your pets. In short, you want to kill ticks quickly and effectively to prevent any issue arising.

If you do find that you have a serious tick infection its advisable to contact your local exterminator and have them take care of the issue for you.

You can click here to check out your local tick expert.

  1. Squash Them

Ticks can be squashed which effectively kills them. Of course, you can’t go walking around your garden trying to squash ticks, it’s an impractical solution. But, you can squash any tick you see or capture.

It’s worth noting that a tick attached to your skin must be removed with tweezers and it should be gripped as close to your skin as possible. This is to make sure the grippers aren’t left in your skin which can cause infections.

In addition, if you squeeze the tick to kill it use a tool, you don’t want the bodily fluids coming into contact with your kin and potentially giving you an infection.

  • Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or any form of alcohol will kill a tick. You can even use a mouthwash that has alcohol in it.

However, it isn’t instant. You’ll need to put some of the alcohol in a container and seal the tick into the container, this will prevent it from climbing out as it dies. This is a good option for ticks you find wandering around.

  • Heat

If you notice ticks on your bedding or any soft furnishings then fold them in on themselves and put them straight into the washing machine. The water temperature needs to be at least 54°C to kill a tick, they will survive a cold wash cycle.

Alternatively, simply place the sheets into the dryer on high heat. Dry heat kills them much faster than wet heat. They will all be dead within 6 minutes! You can wash them after if needed.

  • Tick Spray

There are sprays designed specifically to kill ticks. These are extremely effective and perfect for when you can see the tick but can’t easily get to it.

Simply spray the tick and it will die instantly. These types of sprays are also effective on silverfish, ants, and a variety of other small bugs.

Of course, this is a type of pesticide so you’ll need to be careful, especially around children and pets.

  • Diatomaceous Earth

This completely natural compound can be sprinkled on your carpets and rugs. The sharp edges I this fine earth pierce the outer shell of the tick and then absorbs the moisture from their body, effectively dehydrating them and killing them.

It’s best to sprinkle this on the carpeted areas and leave for a week before vacuuming. It’s unlikely they’ll be any ticks left.

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