Three Christmas trees for outside

Do you want to turn your garden into a real wonderland this Christmas? Then you are in the right place. There are so many possibilities to create this, that you might think: where do I start? But no worries, we will help you. In this blog we will take you on a journey through some possibilities for Christmas trees for your garden. Think of simple light cords and bulb lighting, but also unique lighting such as icicle lighting, light curtains and garlands with lighting. Quickly read on to find your Christmas tree, that is perfect for your garden.

The normal tree

First of all, you have the normal Christmas tree. You can put some Christmas lights in it to create the traditional vibe in your garden. But it is also possible to go wild with a normal tree. Think about different colors of lightning, crazy ornaments and other decorations. For example shiny Santa’s in your tree or go for lights that are not Christmas related, like shoes, food or animals. If you want inspiration, go on pinterest and find the most beautiful tree to recreate.

A ready to go Christmas tree

Want a tree that’s lit from head to toe, but don’t want to do all the decorating yourself? Or do you not have a tree in your garden? Then a ready to go Christmas tree is probably more for you. They come in different variants, but the idea is the same. It is a 3D tree that consists entirely of lights and that you can set up within a minute. No hassle with wrapping the lights or climbing the tree. Just one that you take out of the box and unfold right away. At Fairybell you can find so many different trees, so go online and find the easiest tree to set up!

Go big or go home

Do you want to go big? Then you definitely need a flagpole Christmas tree. These are the largest garden Christmas trees you can buy. As the name suggests, you can easily lift the lights on the flagpole. Don’t have a flagpole yet? You still can order these trees. They have a very handy system that you can use every year. No more climbing ladders and problems with cords. You can simply lift the lights, the same way you can lift a flag. With the thousands of lights it shines even more than all the Christmas trees from your neighbors.