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Advantages and Disadvantages of natural stones for swimming pools

Currently, the use of Green Sukabumi Stone in the construction process has begun to be favored by the community. By using the Green Sukabumi Stone, the building will look more beautiful, sturdy, artistic, and natural. Typically, Green Sukabumi Stone is applied to walls, floors, or fences of houses. However, at this time many are also applying Green Sukabumi Stone for swimming pools. Of course, the application of natural stones in swimming pools has several advantages and disadvantages of each. For further explanation about the advantages and disadvantages of natural stones for swimming pools, you can read the following explanation.


First, Green Sukabumi Stone Indonesia has a charming emerald green color. We can choose the form according to our wishes. Also, Green Sukabumi Stone is scratch-resistant and has unique water purifying properties. Emerald green color gives the impression and its character which will certainly enhance the appearance of your swimming pool to the fullest.

The second advantage of natural stone for swimming pools is that it is strong and durable. As we know, natural stone has strong characteristics and is not easily broken. thus, natural stone will be suitable for use in swimming pools or swimming pools. Although exposed to water and heat, this stone will withstand, especially if the coating has been done.

Third, the installation of natural stone for swimming pools will give the impression of cool, natural, and beautiful. The impression that is displayed from the color will look natural, especially if coupled with the texture and characteristics of the natural stone. In addition, this stone also seems flexible, not rigid, and not boring.

Fourth, natural stone is relatively easy to obtain. If you are going to use natural stone for a swimming pool, you do not need to be hard to find. Now many building material stores that provide a variety of natural stone. In addition, for those of you who are not fond of traveling, some stores also sell natural stones online.

Furthermore, natural stone maintenance is also relatively easy and does not require special treatment. If the stone is dirty, you can clean it using a brush or cloth. For maximum results, the first splash should use water mixed with soap.

Finally, natural stone can increase the selling price of swimming pools. Swimming pools that use natural stone if sold are relatively expensive compared to pools that do not use natural stone. In fact, the price can be even more expensive if the stone design looks beautiful with diverse colors.


In addition to having various advantages, natural stone for swimming pools also has some drawbacks. First, the color of natural stone is not uniform. This stone has a slightly different color although it comes from the same type. This is because the color of natural stone is not from the coloring, but the color is the natural color of the results of the chemical process of the stone.

Second, there are some stones that have large pores. The large pores in this stone make the stone easy to overgrow with moss and fungus. In addition, water is also easy to enter and seep into the rock. So, you have to clean it often and coat it with a liquid coating regularly.

Third, if it is streaked, it is difficult to repair. If it is streaked or exposed to paint, it is very difficult to remove it. So the only way is to replace it with a new one. New stone replacement will certainly take longer. In addition, in general the stones are installed very strong, so removing them definitely requires more effort.

Fourth, the price of natural stone is relatively expensive. compared to other materials such as ceramics, the price of natural stone is relatively more expensive. Even so, this expensive price does not reduce the interest of buyers to buy it. Especially with all the advantages offered by natural stone itself. This expensive price seemed to be paid for with the quality offered.

A few of our reviews of the advantages and disadvantages of natural stone for swimming pools. The advantages offered by this stone are indeed many. But do not forget there are also shortcomings of the material. Research before buying. Get to know the stone beforehand, so you can find the right stone for your pool. If you need further assistance regarding Green Sukabumi Stone, please do contact our team on email : [email protected] or direct message to Whatsapp/Mobile Phone : +62 853-3690-6433 (Putri) .