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How to Kill Ticks: 5 Most Effective Tick Killers

Ticks are small but surprisingly dangerous. Despite the fact they are slow movers and unable to jump, they’ve mastered lying in wait. As you or your pets move through long grass they simply cross onto your skin. The tick will then find a nice spot to bite and start sucking blood.

It swells as it sucks until it is full. At this stage, it falls off and reproduces. However, ticks are capable of carrying diseases. As they absorb blood from your body they will transmit any viruses they are carrying into your blood, potentially giving you a disease.

 The same is also true if they get onto your pets. In short, you want to kill ticks quickly and effectively to prevent any issue arising.

If you do find that you have a serious tick infection its advisable to contact your local exterminator and have them take care of the …

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