How To Extend the Life of Your Roof

Replacing your roof is an expensive, time-consuming process that you likely want to avoid for as long as possible. Luckily, following these tried and true methods will help you extend the life of your roof. 

Clean the Gutters

The downspouts will eventually become clogged when you allow leaves and debris to build up in the gutters. When that happens, the water has nowhere to go except over the edge of the gutter. That means that the fascia board behind the gutters could get wet and can eventually start to rot. Plus, if there is enough water, the gutters could potentially overflow onto the roof and could get under the roofing system, potentially causing thousands of dollars in damage. 

If you don’t want to clean the gutters yourself, contact a gutter cleaning Yorktown Heights NY service to come out a few times a year to do it for you. 

Remove Debris

Naturally, some debris will find its way onto your roof. It could be leaves blown in the wind or fallen tree branches. When you see debris on the roof, you want to remove it as quickly as possible. The debris collects and pools water on the roof, which can eventually make its way through the roofing system. Pooling water is a huge problem if you have missing or damaged shingles in the area where the debris has fallen. 

To help prevent debris from getting onto your roof, you should cut back any trees hanging over the roof or are close to it. Then, when the wind starts to blow, anything that falls off the tree will fall to the ground and not onto the roof. 

Replace Damage

Storms can do a number on a roof and can easily cause shingles or flashing to pull away. To help prevent further issues with your roofing system, you should consider inspecting the roof after every storm. If you notice anything that has become damaged, you’ll want to replace it immediately—leaving the roof unrepaired means that you’re leaving your roof open to the elements.