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Sukabumi Stone the Best Building Material for Your Home

Trying out the right type of natural stone wall that is applied to a minimalist style house is not difficult. Especially if the minimalist themed house carries a natural style that is close to nature. And using materials from Stone Depot is not only made as a choice because of the variety of attractive materials, beautiful appearance, and also many other benefits of natural stone walls that make it one of the favorite building materials. In choosing the most ideal natural stone walls for your minimalist style house you can use materials from Sukabumi Stone Indonesia Premium, let’s first learn the 5 types of natural stone walls here!

1. Green Sukabumi Stone

Formed from soft limestone, Batu Sukabumi Hijau is a limestone type natural stone that is often produced in Sukabumi or around West Java. Generally, this natural stone wall has two types of colors, namely beige and white Sukabumi Stone.

Because of its basic nature that comes from limestone, automatically the appearance of natural stone walls is more porous and able to absorb water. As a result, Sukabumi Stone is not recommended for use of the outer wall because it is prone to overgrown with moss or insects. But for the minimalist home interior, you definitely like the slick layout of the natural stone wall typical of Sukabumi. If you are interested in using Batu Sukabumi Hijau, you can buy this material in Indonesia Sukabumi Stone Supplier

2. Andesite Stone

One of the most popular types of natural stone walls, andesite stone is a type of stone formed from volcanic material or lava clots with a hard and dense texture and beautiful dark ash color. For natural stone walls, andesite types can be placed either in the interior or exterior of a minimalist modern home.

Thanks to technological processing in the construction world, natural stone andesite wall types can have several different motifs, as well as smooth surfaces to a bit jagged.

3. White Stone Worms

Originating from Cirebon, the white natural stone worm is a type of natural sandstone stone. As a natural stone wall, white stone worms can complement the minimalist home architectural style because the color is indeed identical with the concept of minimalism in general, namely white with a smooth black pattern.

This one natural stone wall is formed in accordance with its name, which is sandstone alias hardened grains of sand with a dense and hard texture. If you pay attention, the white stone wall of this worm is indeed similar to the threads of fine black worms as a sweetener pattern.

4. Stone Temple

Not sure the temple stone can be your natural minimalist wall stone? Do not be fooled by its name, which is the basic material for building buildings such as temples since time immemorial. These natural stone walls are also present in minimalist exteriors and interiors. One of the main reasons is the relatively more affordable price and a mysterious dark black color.

Do not miss, natural stone wall type of stone temples are also effective to provide a cool atmosphere. Certainly, the type of natural stone wall on this one deserves to be nominated for building materials for minimalist homes.

5. Natural Stone Temple Wall

Temple’s natural stone is a very flexible choice of natural stone walls because of its random arrangement. From its own type, the natural stone temple comes from several regions in Indonesia.

Many like a natural stone temple as a natural stone wall because of the end result that is naturally attractive. The character is also solid and hard so that it can be placed both as natural stone exterior and interior walls because of weather resistance, mildew to mold. Make sure to install your natural stone walls for the stone temple done professionally and carefully for the most satisfying results.

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